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Krav Maga

Master Yang’s Martial Arts Center is proud to announce our newest program: Krav Maga.

Alpha Krav Maga in Latham, NYThis type of self defense combat makes a great addition to our list of courses. Whether you are looking to build your core strength or are simply hoping to feel a bit safer if you find yourself alone at night time, this is the class for you. Men and women can greatly benefit from this tactical methodology.

Krav Maga means “Contact Combat” in Hebrew, and it surfaced in the Israeli Defense Forces. Because the main focus is on knowing how to protect yourself in real world situations, footwear is worn by the students, unlike most other martial arts.

The self-defense techniques that are taught in this program build upon motor skills, confidence, flexibility, and even problem solving. This hand-to-hand combat approach allows all students to handle life-threatening situations, especially when surprised. Much like other martial arts, belts signify different levels.

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